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Balance starts here…

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Acting in Balance blog!  In traditional web style, I shall exclaim “first post!” and be happy that at least, on my own blog, I can get the first post.

The point of this blog is straightforward, although it will probably take many posts to find the right voice, the right writing style, and maybe, just maybe if we’re lucky, some answers.

So what question(s) am I trying to address?  Well, like any typical Libra (and many other people who study the concept of balance), through observation and life experience it has occurred to me that there are a lot things that happen that weigh in on the balance in life.  Work vs life, career vs family, profit vs. non-profit – for everything I can think of there are always options, choices.

What must I do?  What do I want to do?  Why should I do it?  Why shouldn’t I do it?  Should I spend money, or save money, or make money, or do I even need money?  Do you like your eggs over-easy, scrambled, or poached?  These are just a few of the questions.  And boy, there are a lot of questions.

I recognize that there are “different strokes for different folks”, and everyone’s life circumstances are different.  With that premise in mind, this blog is not only intended to be my own instrument to share my challenges, successes, and the things that make life worth living, but also to try to imagine, compare and contrast, discuss and debate my own thoughts and experiences with those of the reader.

The interesting thing about a scale or balance, I think, is that it never implies which option being weighed is better – that is always left for the “balancer” or “adjuster” to interpret.  The scale does one job very well – it compares weight blindly, purposefully.  Therefore, while there will be emotion and interpretation in this blog, I will also try to walk a fine line – a line where there is balance and equality in all things.  Therein lies the challenge, the quest, the query, and the journey.

With that, I conclude the “first post”, with all the best intentions for more to come!